Friday, March 10, 2017

Flippy Is Fighting the Minimum Wage: A Burger Flipping Robot

Pretty cool.

According to the company, Miso Robots, Flippy is also capable of deep frying, chopping vegetables, and even plating dishes.

The higher minimum wages go, the more we will see robots in use as an alternative to overpriced labor.



  1. There is not an insignificant number of people that advocate a high minimum wage to bring the technological era to fruition. I've seen $25 an hour minimum wage floated to force the issue.

  2. I assume all the "no immigration" folks are flipping out over these robots. They're taking jobs from Americans! We need to build a robot wall! Ban robots from leaving their factory and entering society!

  3. I had a discussion with my family about this sort of technological change to the workforce, and the inevitable question, "What would people do to make money?" arose.

    I explained that people would do what they wanted to do, that resources are limited, but human desires are unlimited, so that there is always something one could do to fulfill a need or desire. I also pointed out that the advent of robots means that the prices of goods and services would fall, so that it would not be necessary to earn the nominal wages that one needs today to live comfortably.

    The only snag in this is government intervention, with its minimum wage and licensing laws and other nonsense that artificially limit entrants into a particular market.

  4. Hopefully the "fight for $15" crowd starves to death as this trend continues.