Friday, March 3, 2017

Janet Yellen: Prepare for Interest Rate Hikes

It is going to be interesting to see how President Trump reacts to this.

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said today in prepared remarks to a business luncheon in Chicago at The Executives' Club of Chicago, "At our meeting later this month, the committee will evaluate whether employment and inflation are continuing to evolve in line with our expectations, in which case a further adjustment of the federal funds rate would likely be appropriate,"

But here is the real kicker: Yellen also said rates are likely to rise faster this year as the economy for the first time in her tenure appears clear of any imminent hurdles at home or abroad.

More interest rate hikes that Austrian-lites never expected.

That said, it is too early to tell, much too early, but one of the rate hikes could send the economy downward.


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  1. Maybe she'll grow a pair and start smoking cigars, if you get my drift. We should be so lucky.
    As a side benefit, maybe she'd force FedGuv into renouncing the debt. Now that WOULD be interesting.
    OK, too obscure... Hint: Tall Paul.