Saturday, March 25, 2017

Keynesian Economist Jailed for Holding Chemsex Parties

Shugg in 2015 before his bust.
James Shugg, a London based Westpac Bank Keynesian school economist and TV pundit who regularly appeared on the ABC, Sky News, CNN and the BBC, has been jailed for five years after police uncovered his secret life as the organizer of drug-fuelled sex parties.

Shugg, 53, alongside accomplices including 20-year-old actress Sara Bleta, who appeared as an extra in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, supplied participants of so-called "chemsex" parties with drugs including cocaine, crystal meth and mephedrone, known as miaow-miaow.

A Westpac spokesman said: "We don't comment on former employees."


(Source:New Zeland Herald)


  1. No lack of animal spirits with this guy.

  2. Sick guy, but jail time for using drugs and having that's bizarre.

  3. Cocaine, crystal meth and mephedrone? Pretty big stimulus package.

  4. Busybodies in government, backed by busybodies in the populace, sanctimoniously stick their fat noses in other people's business.