Friday, March 24, 2017

Roger Stone Warns That Trump Economic Adviser is Pushing a Crony Tax That Will Benefit Goldman Sachs

Roger Stone was a guest host last night at Infowars, sitting in for Alex Jones.

Stone took the opportunity on the airwaves to warn that Gary Cohn, former Goldman Sachs CEO and current chief economic advisor to President Trump, is pushing for Trump to institute a carbon tax.

Stone reports that the tax would be particularly beneficial to Cohn's old crony Wall Street firm, Goldman Sachs.

Starts at 19:17:

Climate change fearmonger Ted Halstead, president of of the Climate Leadership Council, is estatic about Cohn's push and attended a February 8 meeting at the White House to discuss a climate plan.

"Our objective was twofold: to put this plan on their radar screen and for them not to dismiss it," said Halstead when commenting on his goals for the meeting. "They have not dismissed it, which, given that part of it is a carbon tax, is significant."

When asked earlier this week whether Cohn, a registered Democrat, supported a carbon tax, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said there was a "robust" discussion ongoing about taxes.


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  1. I propose a challenge to all of your Keynesian acquaintances:

    1. If Global Warming is real, why do you support Keynesian government "stimulus" of the housing and auto markets which subsidize and induce sprawl? And which are unsustainable and will collapse causing poverty and disruption which will make both housing, medical care and maternity leave unaffordable to many?

    2. What's the point of de-stimulating the economy with carbon taxes while stimulating it with Keynesian policy? Do you know what you are doing?

    My bet is that the response will be: The Russians hacked the election and you are Putin's stooge.