Monday, March 13, 2017

This is How The Government Schedules Employees in the San Francisco Bay Area

BART’s long-delayed extension to Warm Springs will open in two weeks, moving the Bay Area’s regional transit backbone closer to serving San Jose and bringing thousands more parking spaces... 
[I]ssues with getting the extension to reliably communicate with BART’s automatic train control system pushed the opening back into this year. BART spokesman Jim Allison said Friday that the fixes involved writing new software for the computer that runs trains.
Meanwhile, the gleaming new glass and white-painted-steel station sat finished but empty, disconnected from the rest of the BART system. Nevertheless, it was staffed with five station agents, two janitors and a train controller because of a quirk in the way BART schedules workers.


  1. RW,
    Has someone written a comprehensive book length critique of Bart from inception to now? If not, let's write one. I swear, every mistake made by government would have a chapter in this sordid tale. It would be a one stop shop for gov / econ education.

  2. They should tear it down in order to create destruction jobs then rebuild to create more construction jobs.

  3. Dr. Bill Wattenburg has some interesting things on BART, especially back in the early seventies. I think there are 122 BART references on his site:

  4. Seems to be working properly to maximize salaries and benefits while minimizing transit services.

  5. The only cool thing that happened in a BART tunnel was filming the last scenes of THX1138...