Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tweet Mini-Storm: Rand Paul vs. Donald Trump on Trumpcare

First, there was this:

And then this:
Good for Rand. I don't think his plan goes far enough. He doesn't go full Ludwig Erhard, but at least it is a stick in the eye of Trump's horrific plan.


You have the president's attention. Use it for good. Horse trade if you must but get us some freedom somewhere on something.

Or if you are going to stick to attacking Trumpcare, go more free market in your demands and spell out in simple words why freedom works, Trump is listening to you!



  1. Rand has a lot to make up for since he voted for Session's but actually pushing for full Obamacare destruction an actual free market for the health care system would be a good start.

  2. Where are the numbers for a full repeal of ObamaCare? They aren't there.

    1. That's weird, they were there for years under Obama. Did those republicans get thrown out of office in the last election?

      I blame Trump for this, if he wanted to, he could whip them into shape and pass full repeal, but he's too weak and doesn't understand why it's better.

    2. rand has been saying in interviews for the past month that they had the votes to repeal obamacare last year.

    3. This is ludicrous. Every single Republican isn't enough.

    4. Yes it is. Some passage through "reconciliation" or whatever is enough to get it by without Democratic input.

      The problem is the republicans are liars that never wanted to repeal Obamacare.

      Rand better play this opportunity well.

    5. Reconciliation can't change the fundamental purpose or scope of the bill. It can make changes, but not huge changes.

    6. You're right, it's impossible to convince democrats up for re-election in red states to vote to repeal one of the most unpopular pieces of legislation in history. Why bother trying? Instead, let's pass something that they themselves would have authored, and hammer anyone trying to move towards a free market. It's not like our supporters will hold us accountable.

  3. i wouldn't characterize them as rivals (one 'verses' the other) in this regard based on this tweet, this is actually good news that trump is open to Paul's ideas.