Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Walter E. Williams on Black Violence and Poverty

Walter Williams at his best. Find the time to listen to this one.


  1. Williams is great! My gripe is that at the 10:00 point, he describes the "Union" as a better historical outcome for blacks than some other scenario. How in the world does he know that? This is that "we'd all be speaking German" mentality creeping in, I am afraid- which is so unfortunate, considering how much good he otherwise offers here.

    1. I take your point. I will only add that given the intrinsic racism among Northerners despite abolition, the Fugitive Slave Act etc. would probably exist if the Union did not. Also, the abrasive tariff issues would not have arisen, leading to BETTER relations between North and South.
      So the question is: Would slavery have "phased out" in the American South just like it was "phased out" throughout the Western world at just about that time (1820 - 1865).

  2. I only watched 5 minutes worth. Does he ever wonder that maybe IQ is a large factor in these problems that blacks have?

  3. Yeah, someone with an engineering degree with a few years experience and loses a job is really going to be hired as a fry cook. Give me an effing break!