Sunday, March 19, 2017

Where Trump Goes Wrong: Ebeling on Trade, the Trade Deficit, NAFTA, Money and the Rule of Law

Richard Ebeling 
Here are links to the week long interview series with Richard Ebeling at the San Francisco Review of Books. Ebeling is as sound as it gets when it comes to Austrian school economic policy analysis. He should head the Council of Economic Advisers for Trump:

1. Richard Ebeling says "the real benefit of every trade we enter into is what we import"

2. Richard Ebeling says "trade deficit fear is all an illusion", explains why

3. Richard Ebeling claims NAFTA "is really the North American Managed Trade Agreement", explains why

4. Richard Ebeling says "the trade deficit, in itself, does not matter"

5.  Richard Ebeling says America needs "a monetary regime free from the hand of government"

6. Richard Ebeling says Donald Trump has inspired "fears of a trade war with our southern neighbor"

7. Richard Ebeling says Donald Trump "challenges respect for rule of law and human life", explains why


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  1. Bob,
    Thank you for posting the links to this 7-part interview that I recently did. I very much appreciate it.