Monday, April 3, 2017

Did a Rand Paul Tweet Just Signal a New Trump Plan to Takeout Obamacare?

Rand Paul Sunday morning getting into a car with President Trump. They headed to Trump National Golf Club.

On Sunday, Senator Rand Paul golfed at Trump National Golf Club outside Washington D.C. with President Trump.

The outing came just hours after Trump tweeted that talks to rework the nation's healthcare law were still under way.

Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney joined them at the club.

Here's where things get interesting.

Rand has been a severe critic of the President's healthcare plan but following the round of golf, Rand tweeted this:
But Rand and Trump are far off on Obamacare and how to change it. What is noteworthy is that days before House Speaker Paul Ryan declared that he didn't have the votes to get the Ryan-Trump healthcare bill passed in the House, Rand had said it wouldn't pass. He was way ahead of Ryan. In the Trump tally box, this means that Rand was a "winner" on the call.

At the time, Rand promoted the idea of two separate votes one for repeal and another for replace.

Rand is correct. Repeal would get the Freedom Caucus votes and it would pass in the House. Will Trump now listen to Rand and hold a repeal vote?

What else could Rand be tweeting about other than repeal when he tweets that Trump is getting closer to an agreement?

If a repeal vote does take place. I really don't care if a replace vote ever passes, Indeed, it would be better that the socialistic Obamacare plan is not replaced with a Trump socialist plan.



  1. Take a look at the proposal that Rand Paul put forward a few months ago. It is definitely not a socialist plan. Too bad Trump moved too quickly with the Ryan plan, although the failure does force us to suffer under Obamacare another year or so, which will get more people on the Repeal train.

  2. What he's sponsored is a Replacement Act:
    The Obamacare Replacement Act (S. 222)
    Sen. Rand Paul, M.D.
    Actual bill:
    Sponsor: Sen. Paul, Rand [R-KY] (Introduced 01/24/2017)

  3. 1. Repeal without Replace will not pass in the Senate.
    2. Repeal and do nothing about the high cost of health care - suicide.

    1. Nothing will ever be done about the high price of medical care except make it higher. The system was designed by government and the medical industry to extract wealth from the people. Eventually the system will collapse of its own weight. From there we either go back to cash* and pay prices relative to the low costs modern technology can provide with a typical level of profit in a competitive marketplace or it goes full government control single payer/provider/whatever.

      *with insurance for catastrophic events and perhaps a new lodge system of contracted providers for groups like large employers, private organizations, unions, etc.