Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Donald Trump as Carnival Hawker and His Leftist Enemies

Richard Ebeling emails:

Dear Bob,

I have attached a PDF of new article of mine that appears in the April 2017 issue of "Future of Freedom" published by the Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF) on, "Donald Trump as Carnival Hawker and Hist Leftist Enemies."

I argue that Trump is like the sideshow hawker temping you to come into the political carnival tent and have "American" jobs created, American "greatness" restored, and a wide variety of other interventionist-redistributive goodies, and all at little or know cost to the American taxpayer or consumer. "Buy your ticket and hurry in, the Trump magic show is about to start."

What drives "the left" crazy is that they still cannot accept that they lost the presidential election, and that, in essence, Trump is not much different from them in the redistributive promises he makes, but his crude rude style drives them mad because they like to hide their statism behind the soothing imagery of kindness and caring as they assert the right to manage and manipulate people's lives.

PDF here.



  1. Wow not even Richard addresses the multi-national monopolistic reality of the business landscape. I get so tired of theoretical ruminating on what should be, or how it would be should an open market work like it should.

    Well IT DOESNT. There is no open market and FFS your 200 year old observations just arent going to apply in this situation.

    Its new ground, talk about the elephant in the room already.

    1. Wow, this really is a carnival. There's even an elephant!

      I love these pissed-off rants from fanboys that seem to occur every time there's something negative about Trump. Just like leftists, they say a lot of words but say nothing with any substance.