Monday, April 10, 2017

They Got Her: Ukraine Central Bank Chief Resigns

Ukraine’s central bank chief Valeria Gontareva has resigned. In announcing her resignation, the she said “My mission is complete,”.

But, in a recent FT interview, the pro-western central banker said she had been “physically threatened” by an oligarch and detailed the pressure and “sustained harassment” she faced in the job.

She had shut down approximately half of the country’s 180 banks during her tenure. Some for alleged money laundering operations (Read anti-government operations).

She also oversaw a switch from a pegged to floating currency that led to the hryvnia losing more than half of its value and instituted the bankster money printing policy justification, inflation targeting.

Global banksters are concerned that she is leaving. FT reports:
While Ms Gontareva’s plan to step down soon had been anticipated, a change in the central bank’s leadership is expected to raise concern for the International Monetary Fund and other backers of Ukraine’s pro-western government.

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