Thursday, April 6, 2017

Trump Gushes About the Former Goldman Sachs CEO Who is Now His Top Economic Adviser

Gary Cohn

From a new interview with The New York Times:
TRUMP: We have some very, very good people. This man  [sitting in the room] was the president of Goldman Sachs. I mean, he was, like, the president of Goldman Sachs.

HABERMAN: I’m very familiar with his work.

TRUMP: And believe me, they wanted him. But he wanted to do something more important. As he said, as big as Goldman Sachs are, it was —

HABERMAN: This is bigger.

TRUMP: — and is. The numbers here are staggering. He did the biggest deals in the world. They were, like, tiny deals. They were like peanut deals. But, but we just have a great group of people.
Also The Times reports the following sat  in on the interview. Note well:L no Steve Bannon:
[For]President Trump’s interview with The New York Times’s Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush...At least six White House aides were sitting in: Gary D. Cohn, President Trump’s lead economic adviser and a former president of Goldman Sachs; Reed Cordish, an assistant to the president; Sean Spicer, the press secretary; Hope Hicks, a long-serving Trump aide; and eventually Vice President Mike Pence and the chief of staff, Reince Priebus.


  1. Like Mnuchkin, he's a registered Democrat who donated to Hillary. He also donated to neocon Marco Rubio. Lee Stranahan said Cohn and Dina Powell are playing a larger role in Trump's admin and influenced the Bannan demotion largely because of Syria. Bannon was a believer that Assad should stay.

  2. Goldman Sachs and the Deep State Have Taken Over the Trump Administration

    Let’s look at the ex-Goldman operators within the Trump White House:

    Gary Cohn – recently Goldman’s #2, is Trump’s chief economic advisor – who was granted an unprecedented accelerated payout of $285 Million in order to go work at the White House.

    – Staunch Democrat

    – Huge globalist, led Goldman delegation to restructure Greek debt during financial crisis, helping them hide debt from EU overseers in Brussels.

    – Head of the National Economic Council as of January 20th, 2017

    – Brought in Drew Quinn – lead negotiator of TPP

    Dina Habib Powell, another top Goldman alum and former president of the Goldman Sachs foundation:

    – Promoted to Deputy National Security Advisor on March 15th

    – Worked in the Bush II administration

    – Managing director at Goldman Sachs, named partner in 2010

    – Dina’s husband Richard Powell is president at Clinton-linked Teneo

    – Bill Clinton is/was a Teneo advisor

    – Wikileaks emails reveal a deep and profitable relationship between Teneo, Doug Band, and the Clintons

    – Teneo hired Huma Abedin while she was a State Dept. employee.

    Nah, nothing to see here.