Sunday, April 9, 2017

Venezuela in Crisis: Four Clashes in a Week

With hyperinflation over 750% and shortages of even food and other basics, clashes between protesters and well-fed government police are escalating.

Four demonstrations took place last week against the socialist President Maduro.
Maduro should be replaced but revolution alone in not the answer. Replacing Maduro with another central planner, regardless of the stripe, is not the answer.

Do the people of Venezuela understand that the best option for them is to free up markets?




  1. I'm glad, at least, that self-professed socialists in America have been writing lots of commentary about the situation in Venezuela. They show great maturity by demonstrating that hiding from mentioning this rather striking counterexample to the claim that socialist governments bring freedom from want to everyone, would make them laughing stocks to anyone with his eyes open. In addition, it is gratifying that U.S. legislators, both national and state, have cited Venezuela as having provided the impetus for them to question their own past and future support for socialist government interventions. Finally, of course, we must not neglect to praise the mainstream media for their many penetrating analyses of Venezuela as a cautionary tale for Americans.

    With all these groups pulling for us, our future will surely be bright.

  2. Yeah but look at how much support Bernie Sanders got. Scary.