Wednesday, April 26, 2017

White House to Keep Paying 'Unconstitutional' Obamacare Cost-Sharing Subsidies

Donald Trump just buckled big time on Obamacare.

The White House is telling lawmakers that it will continue paying Affordable Care Act cost-sharing subsidies, reports Politico.

Nancy Pelosi is ecstatic releasing a statement saying that "progress has been made."

Notes Politico, " some Republicans slammed the White House decision, saying it undermines the party's position in an ongoing lawsuit that the payments are unconstitutional."

The subsidies currently amount tp approximately $7 billion yearly.



  1. The comments on that Politico article are cringe worthy. The whole Obozocare thing is held together with illegal/unconstitutional fiscal chewing gum and duct tape yet most of these people think it is manna from heaven. After all these posts lately, I'm going to refer to Trump as the "buckler-in-chief."

  2. Trump and his deal making. So far all I've seen is ass kissing.

  3. It's quite interesting that people are hounding Trump for buckling, flip flopping etc. as if he is supposed to be some omnipotent being capable to doing anything/everything he wants. This is still the USA, we still have a gang of thieves in DC who control it all. Trump does a lot of posturing and interesting negotiating tactics, its surprising most of you haven't caught on yet.
    "Ok I'll renegotiate"
    Not saying he is some great President but good god, can you guys catch on to the tactics he has continually used already.
    Unfortunately, he is going to likely show us how much of a drain Ofailurecare is on society before he can get support to repeal. Stop with the knee jerk reactions. It's making you look simple.