Friday, May 19, 2017

Another Spectacular Recommendation by Wenzel

This is what I wrote in yesterday's EPJ Daily Alert:
Buy Brazil
As I report at EPJ, the Brazillian stock markets are in crash mode today as a result of news  President Michel Temer was caught on tape endorsing a bribe.

As I write the iShares MSCI Brazil Index ETF is down approx. 15%.

Here's the thing, Temer is far from a popular president now. He has an approval rating of only 9%. Things, in the short-term, will not get worse under a new president. 
I don't trust Brazillian money supply numbers but an examination of the long term chart (above) of the IShares Brazil etf shows a very strong market since early 2016. It is up 116%. Today's drop is merely a dip.

Thus, for risk-oriented traders, and I emphasize risk-oriented, this is an opportunity to jump in and buy EWZ for a quick trade.

I am not looking at this as a long-term investment--just a trade, I am going to be out of the position either Friday or Monday at the latest--profitable or not. I am just trying to scalp panic here in an otherwise bull market.
 This is what I wrote in today's ALERT:

Take Profits in iShares MSCI Brazil Index (ETF)
Yesterday, I put on a BUY recommendation for aggressive traders to take a position in iShares MSCI Brazil Index (ETF).

I stated that it was a trade to "scalp panic" on news that the Brazilian president was caught on tape encouraging a bribe. I also noted that I would be out of the trade either today or Monday. Well, the ETF is up 6.0% plus today. That's a nice scalp. take profits. 


I hasten to add that I advised buying into Brexit panic. Buying into any downside action following past Fed rate hikes and buying into a Trump election victory.

Nobody buys panic like I do. You can't do it on just any major panic  but when the conditions are right you have to jump.

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Past spectacular advice does not guarantee future spectacular advice.


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