Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Artist Turns $2 Roll of Nickels Into $2400!

Michael Bonardi emails:

EPJ and Target Liberty have been my go-to sites to start and end every day for quite some time. Thank you so much for being critical of the libertrumpians.

I've actually been wanting to share my jewelry line for some time - You are part of the reason the line exists. I figured now is a better time than ever to share part of the story behind the line with you.

For years, I’ve tried to make a living as full-time artist. However, I didn’t approach my creative endeavors as the businesses they were. Like many artistic people, I had to learn the hard way that business and marketing skills don’t negate creative pursuits – they provide the energy and support all artists need!
One day, I had an epiphany while studying Austrian economic philosophies and the history of coins. I realized I could create a jewelry line exclusively from coins. The idea of creating jewelry from coins isn’t a new one – but the jewelry line I envisioned was.
From day one, I structured this jewelry with a business model in mind. It probably helped that I was constantly staring at money while developing my coin jewelry skills and techniques. I quickly learned to look at coins in a new and different way – a $2 roll of nickels equals $2,400 worth of jewelry!  
Roll of matchsticks.jpg
Recently, I’ve created a Kickstarter campaign to boost my jewelry line (currently named Money-Rings) to the next level. My primary goal is to raise the funds I need to create an entire series of high-end silver and gold coin jewelry designs and bring these ideas to production.
As interest in Money-Rings continues to grow, I feel more and more confident in my ability to scale this brand indefinitely. With this brand, I’m achieving business successes that rival my creative achievements. Great art deserves great business, marketing, and production.

Diamond Dime Necklace.jpg
Contact me for more information about Money-Rings, especially if you have any necessary questions for an article or would want to feature me as a guest blogger. Since the penny is back in the news it might be an interesting addition to fit in with other articles about money, jobs and economics.
Thank you for your interest, support, and collaboration.

Michael Bonard


RW note: Be sure to check out the video at the kickstarter page:


  1. Careful, with the amount of coins he's taking out of circulation it might crash the money supply.

  2. Make sure coin melting rules by the mint are not being violated.

  3. $2 to $2400? RW, Should we thank Janet Yellen??