Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Crony America to Trump: Stay in the Paris Climate Agreement

At 96-years old, the crony operative George Schultz continues advancing the cause of crony America.

He has co-authored an op-ed for The New York Times with Ted Halstead, where they urge President Trump to stick with the Paris climate agreement.

And they aren't hiding that this is all about elitist, establishment  corporate America:
President Trump faces a choice that will echo across his presidency and beyond: whether to remain in the Paris climate agreement. Although most Americans, his own secretaries of state and energy, and heads of state from around the globe are urging the president to stay, he remains undecided. Let us hope that a newly invigorated pro-Paris campaign by many of America’s top C.E.O.s will sway him.

In a recent barrage of public letters and full-page ads, Fortune 100 companies are voicing strong support for remaining in the Paris accord. The breadth of this coalition is remarkable: industries from oil and gas to retail, mining, utilities, agriculture, chemicals, information and automotive. This is as close as big business gets to a consensus position.
The devil is always in the details of these brobdingnagian agreements, all to the advantage of the power players who influence them. So one should always be extremely suspicious, especially of an agreement that, hee hee, claims it is going to "save the planet."

Schultz and Halstead support the establishment deal with the usual nonsense aimed at the economically ignorant:
Staying in Paris would advance the president’s priorities not only by creating jobs, but also by leveling the playing field in trade.
As if the laws of supply and demand would not work for the jobs market or the laws of trade, without the Paris accord.

What a con.



  1. Back during the Watergate days, my position was: I KNOW Nixon's corrupt, I don't MIND if he's corrupt, as long as he's competent, BUT I can't believe he's that STUPID!!!
    Well that goes for George Schultz. He was for legalizing pot, I think, which is kinda intelligent. But this climate nonsense. Sheeesh!

    1. It is about power, not intelligence. Look at what has happened since Trump was inaugurated: Obamacare, tax cuts, spending, Syria, etc.. Now just add global warming to the pile. Nothing has changed. The only good thing about Trump is that he isn't Hillary, and he isn't a Democrat (not that being a Republican makes him substantively different from Democrats, but it really pisses off the Democrats, the Media and Academia).