Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Gary North Shuts Down 'Tea Party Economist'

It's a tough business.

Gary North writes at TeaParty.com:
Tea Party Economist, RIP — Mailing List Deleted by Mistake
That’s all, folks!
My list of 85,000 names got deleted by mistake.
It was a great run.
I will still publish free articles in the “Tea Party Economist” department on www.GaryNorth.com.
But at age 75, I do not intend to start over. I began assembling the list in 1997. Ah, youth!
My time is spent now on three projects: (1) writing four separate editions of Christian Economics; (2) writing four articles a day for GaryNorth.com; (3) marketing the Ron Paul Curriculum. That’s plenty to do.
I will keep this site online, so that Google can find the old articles.
Thanks for reading what I had to say for all those years.


  1. It's remarkable that someone wouldn't have multiple backups of their most important information asset, especially when it’s both vulnerable and so simple to safeguard.

    However, the Tea Party is terribly passé at this point, if it ever had much of a point, let alone the cachet to make it a valuable title to maintain.

  2. Sad but thanks for all the work you out in over the years. Many of us have benefited from your insights.

  3. I too am surprised at how such a list could be lost. North is a unique intellectual. His Christian Economics book is awesome even if one is not religious like myself. Learned much from him and hope he is still around much longer