Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The World's Most Secure Currency?

The Swiss National Bank has unveiled a new 20-franc currency that Vice President Fritz Zurbruegg argues might be the world’s most secure bill.

Red in color and based on a theme of light and culture, the new 20, made of cotton paper and an inner polymer core, will come into circulation as of May 17.

The 20 follows the introduction last year of a new 50-franc note, which was named banknote of 2016 by a group of international currency connoisseurs, beating out 18 competitors including the Bank of England’s controversial polymer note. Switzerland’s new series features nature rather than portraits of historical Swiss figures.

Design elements on the new SNB banknote series include:

The new 20 has 15 security features, including a globe that changes color, a silver map of Switzerland and a cross that morphs into the country’s flag.

In response to a question about whether the note might be the world’s most secure, Zurbruegg said with a chuckle: “I’d claim that it is.”


(via Bloomberg)


  1. so much for a Cashless society a win for financial freedom

  2. If it helps Joe on planet Earth avoid counterfeit notes that I can only say it is a good thing.