Thursday, May 25, 2017

Trump Loses It:Tells EU Leaders "The Germans are bad, very bad"

 Weeks ago, I advised EPJ Daily Alert readers that if they were considering buying a German made car they should buy now. Trump is going to slap a huge tariff on German made cars.

Trump has no understanding of trade economics, not even such a fundamental concept as comparative advantage,



From Spiegel via Google translate:

At the meeting, EU Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker took the side of the Germans and disagreed with Trumps Schelte. Free trade is a good thing for all, said the Commissioner. Juncker had tried a friendly tone, but was hard on the matter, says the participants....

According to a report from the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", the EU side was terrified about the lack of awareness of the Americans about trade policy. Apparently, it was unclear to the guests that the EU countries concluded trade agreements only jointly. Trumps economic consultant Gary Cohn is said to have said in the conversation between the US and Germany tariff tariffs other than between the USA and Belgium.


  1. With Trump, you could reference this quote, and substitute any nationality and industry: "The ____ are bad, very bad...look at the millions of ______ they're selling in the US. Terrible. We will stop this."

    I'm waiting for the day when he says this about an oil exporter. I'll be ready - thanks to Bob's advice - with my domestic oil producer stock holdings.

  2. What we have here is a "special needs" President.

  3. So can we get rid of the 25 year automobile import rule that Mercedes Benz had congress create to stop grey market cars and private imports?

    That's the best way for Trump to hurt German automakers.