Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wacky Left Begins to Centrally Plan Autograph Signings

This is completely off-the-wall. 

There is just nothing that the Left doesn't want to set the rules for.

 K. Lloyd Billingsley at the Independent Institute writes:
Last December, California governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1570, authored by former Republican assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang. Chang’s measure alters the state’s “autograph law,” formerly limited to sports memorabilia, to include any signed item worth more than $5, including books.
As Anastasia Bolden of the Pacific Legal Foundation notes, this makes it “extremely risky, if not impossible,” for Book Passage, a Bay Area bookstore, “to continue selling autographed books or hosting author events.” Book Passage has hosted signing events for Bernie Sanders, Ralph Nader, Caitlyn Jenner, Charles Krauthammer and other high-profile authors, along with local writers, poets and cookbook authors. The shop must now provide a “certificate of authenticity” and keep it for seven years. Even an inadvertent omission can subject a seller to “outrageous penalties” including: actual damages, plus a civil penalty of up to 10 times the damages, plus court costs, plus reasonable attorney’s fees, plus expert witness fees, plus interest.
The National Law Review, in an article headlined “California’s New Autograph Law: Not What I Signed Up For,” warns of similar perils for art dealers, who “should not wait to learn the law applies to them until it is too late.” PLF is challenging the “poorly written” and “overbroad” measure in court, but Anastasia Bolden is too kind.
I really think people like Chang just sit up at night trying to think of things to regulate, They are mini-Mao's---which she will probably take as a compliment and ignore the millions upon millions he killed during his reign of regulations.



  1. The idea that someone, somewhere may be having fun or making a profit that Leftists do not know about or have control over is infuriating to them.

  2. This is why it is impossible to parody the left. Any attempt comes off as obviously ridiculous, too off the wall even for humor, and at the same time is milder than tomorrow's headline for what the left is screaming about today.