Thursday, May 18, 2017

White House Gives Congress 90-Day Notice: We are Going to Start NAFTA Renegotiation Talks

It begins.

The clueless on trade president, Donald Trump,  has notified Congress that he is going to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico.

With this 90-day notice the administration signals it will begin formal talks as soon as August.

The notice to congressional leaders was delivered in a letter that was sent by Robert Lighthizer the new US trade representative.

Lighthizer has been a long-time supporter of Trump anti-free trade policies.

Lighthizer said the US hoped to wrap up the negotiations by the end of this year. But he also signaled that Washington intended to take a hard line in talks with Canada and Mexico and would be seeking fundamental changes in the relationship, according to The Financial Times.

“I believe the president’s leadership on trade will permanently reverse the dangerous trajectory of American trade,” he told reporters. “Changing that trajectory is why we are here today.”

Lighthizer is a very dangerous protectionist who will only act to support Trump's bizarre mercantilist thinking.

Whatever these two come up, it for certain will suffocate parts of the U.S. economy and benefit some crony supporters.

NAFTA needs to be made less crony and opened up to even more trade.Trump and Lighthizer are going to take things in the completely opposite direction.


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