Monday, June 26, 2017

BATTLE: Nancy MacLean Has Responded to Russ Roberts on Tyler Cowen

As I have previously reported (via Don Boudreaux), Russ Roberts has charged that Nancy MacLean in her new book,  Democracy in Chains,  has either intentionally misrepresented Tyler Cowen’s view of democratic reform or MacLean has made a reckless error in reporting on Tyler’s view.

MacLean has now responded to Roberts. Both Roberts' initial essay and Maclean's response are here.



  1. Socialists looking plots should focus on their own. Maybe start with the Fabians and go from there. They've pretty much lied every step of the way while implementing Marx's manifesto planks. FDR's entire campaign platform was a lie. Their wars are lies. Heck, even their moniker "liberal" is a lie.

    Given this book, and the many put-downs of libertarians lately - even mentioned by the Pope, I'd say we've become some sort of a threat to the deep state.

  2. Wow! I guess the way she sees it, why let truth and honesty get in the way of making a buck. I get it, she's shaking the left wing nut tree for bucks, but my God even sloppy Micheal Moore is not this egregiously dishonest with the facts. I guess this is what the courts are for, since it's doubtful the academic world will do anything but look the other way since her book supports the approved political narrative.