Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ivanka Trump Cheers Janet Yellen

Ivanka Trump tweeted a quote Monday morning from a speech that  Federal Reserve Chair Janey Yellen gave on women and the economy.

"Too many women struggle to combine aspirations for work and family," Trump quotes Yellen saying. She also links to the full speech, which Yellen delivered at Brown University in May.

All indications are that President Trump will not re-nominate Yellen when her term as Chair expires at the end of January 2018.


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  1. A lot of people struggle with a lot of things, Ivanka. Its probably hard to see what really disserves attention from the back of your high horse, but this is not one of the biggest travesties today, that is for sure. You want to help women? Do it by working to stop the crony deals made by the president and others. Work to stop the devaluation of currency so women's savings doesn't lose value. What are you going to do? Legislate struggling?!