Thursday, June 15, 2017

Police Are Now Offering a $25,000 Reward for Leads in the Killing of a Former World Bank Economist

Police are now offering a $25,000 reward for information about the mysterious death of Johan de Leede, a retired World Bank economist, who was shot inside his Lorton, Virginia home last year.

Detectives are still unable to determine a motive.

Leede, 83 years old, was eating a banana, drinking milk and watching TV in his living room just after 1 am on March 11, 2016 when he was shot and killed inside his home. He was facing away from a window that looked out on a deck in back of his house.

Two rapid fire gun bursts were heard by numerous witnesses who live near the de Leede’s home along the river.

According to FOX 5, the family  says it has gone through notebooks, computers, phones and other things looking for any contact he may have had with someone that sends up a red flag, but they haven’t found anything.



  1. RW, what are your thoughts on why this happened?

  2. "Police are now offering a $25,000 [payment from stolen taxpayer funds] for information . . ."

  3. Article says he has been retired from the bank for 20 years. If this was a hit job by men in black they let him go around for 20 years with those secrets before eliminating him. Hence i fail to see this as anything other than random violence or something personal. Maybe he was running around with a married women and her husband killed him or hired a hit man