Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Trump Attacks Amazon Via Twitter Over Not Paying ‘Internet Taxes’

I am not sure exactly what Trump is referring to here. Amazon charges me California sales tax whenever I place an order. And reports indicate they charge sales taxes in every other state that has a such a tax.

But more significantly. why is Trump who claims to be in favor of lowering taxes badgering Amazon about "internet taxes"? Shouldn't he be in favor of internet customers being freed from paying internet sales taxes?

It's just another example of why it was a grave strategic error for libertarians to support this guy. He is just bad on everything.

If Trump has a beef with Bezos, I can think of a dozen ways he can go after Bezos without doing so on the backs of internet customers.



  1. No doubt that DJT does not even understand the issue. He may have never ordered something from Amazon in his life. Given that the Constitution states that no tax shall be laid upon interstate commerce it seems amazing that any of us should be paying sales tax on internet purchases at all, not to get into the SCOTUS weeds over the issue. Bezos talks out of both sides of his mouth on the issue. He could not care less if Amazon charges and collects taxes, he just wants everyone else to have to do it as well. He is well aware that Amazon has the capacity to do this with far less costs than smaller internet entities and will actually provide Amazon with a competitive advantage.

  2. At some point, you'll yank my comments, Robert, because they're so darn repetitive. BUT, once again I'll say: "Trump is a New York Democrat in drag". It's amazing that he's considered to be "conservative". Name one conservative thing he's ever done or said.

    1. People like to ignore that Trump was a friend of the Clintons for years and that somehow didnt shape his political beliefs

    2. Most of what he says sounds conservative to me. They are democrat-lite, after all.

    3. Name one conservative thing he's ever done: Gorsuch.

  3. Trump represents brick and mortar...Amazon no so much.

    There is a war on...we know which side the donald is on.

  4. You mean Trump supports buggy whip manufacturers.