Sunday, July 2, 2017

Maine Shuts Down Government Services

Maine Gov. Paul LePage has declared a state of civil emergency in Maine in the absence of an approved biennial budget by the state Legislature, reports CNN.

All nonemergency government functions are shut down until further notice.

The civil emergency state began July 1 after the Legislature failed to sign a budget into law by June 30, the last day of Maine's fiscal year.

Unfortunately, government spending will resume soon enough.

"This is not about today or tomorrow," LePage said in a statement. "This is about the future of Maine. The Maine people are taxed enough. I will not tax them anymore and in my budget overall taxes were decreased. Maine has plenty of revenue to fund state government without raising taxes."

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie also signed a budgetary state of emergency shut down for his state on July 1.



  1. In still waiting for the budget situations of these states (Maine, Illinois, Connecticut) to be compared to that of Kansas, which a few years ago lowered its tax rates "too much", with people claiming that the state's subsequent financial situation showed how bad tax cuts are.

  2. Wow!!!
    So...The Maine Indian Tribes who were denied ownership of the lands (promised them under Treaty) by the Supremes, should now step and up and demand that, as the only CONTINUOUS Government in effect, only THEY are the Rightful Rulers of Maine.

    Mebbe Elizabeth Warren would Champion their Cause...

  3. Not sure I get your point, cavalier.

    Kansas just raised taxes this year and went over the head of their governor.

    Maine and Illinois never cut spending to pay for extra goodies and Kansas never cut spending to pay for their tax cuts.

    Same song, different verse.

    1. Exactly so. Also, Kansas was ordered by the courts to increase its spending in education.

      My point is that Kansas' situation was described in the press as an undeniable refutation of "supply-side" economics, and how "smart" state governments should keep taxes high and benefits flowing. But now we have high-tax states actually hitting financial limits that Kansas never saw, so I'm wanting to see the stories trumpeting the failure of economic theories that promote high taxes and lavish spending.

  4. All nonemergency government functions shut down? Tell me how I can get this to happen in my state!

  5. All emergency Govt functions shutting down instead would lead to a greater improvement in Maine life.