Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Only 6000 People Have Serious Pre-Existing Conditions!

This is a very fascinating report from Dick Morris.

I'm not sure he is looking at all the numbers correctly but he does raise an important question: Just how many people do have serious pre-existing conditions?

Morris continues his commentary in a fashion which suggests he favors some kind of centrally planned healthcare scheme. So Morris does not call for the abolishment of centrally planned healthcare. This is too bad--any centrally planned government scheme would suffocate the healthcare system.


  1. If he really thinks that only 6000 people have serious pre-existing conditions, he's a fool. I can name a single disease that is incurable and serious that over a million people in the US have but that is relatively unusual

  2. Medical care should be returned to the free market where the goal is to make it so cheap just about anyone can afford it. And once it is that cheap then charity can handle the few who can't afford it. This is the most humane solution, the best way to help people, as people then retain their self ownership.

    There's just too much power over people and too much wealth harvesting in the present arrangement to change direction. And since the population feels instead of thinks they embrace their own enslavement.