Monday, July 24, 2017

Rand Paul On ‘Made in America’ Week: I Buy Wal-Mart Shirts Made Overseas for $7

Rand is really good here but Jake Tapper wants to make the trade question about Trump hiring seasonal foreign workers, what an idiot.

But Rand handles it smoothly.



  1. Rand Paul matured; expresses his thought well and controls civil discourse in the face of an argumentative adversary.

  2. Maybe Rand's $7 shirts are one reason why Roger Stone puts Rand on his worst dressed list.

    1. Maybe he doesn't have the days most luxurious fabrics, but who do you think is more decent and trustworthy, the poorly dressed Rand Paul or the sleezy, crony, weirdos Trump and Stone?

  3. So I made the mistake of reading the YouTube comments (especially given it's a CNN channel). Almost every poster is apparently furious at Rand for "dodging the question" and failing to call Trump out on his hypocrisy in the particular case of the Mar-a-Lago staffing. And I mean, I'm all for making Trump look bad, but isn't it more important to call out the fundamental errors in his professed worldview, as Rand tried to do, than to expose him as a hypocrite on one narrow point?

    Maybe a better way Rand could have made the point would be to say something like: "Even Trump, who's been one of the most outspoken opponents of free trade in modern political times, even he understands implicitly the importance of free association and the global division of labor, and is eager to bow to these notions when his own wealth is on the line." Would have given the Trump haters their red meat while still making it clear that Trump's rhetoric on trade is the problem rather than his hiring practices.