Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Heather Boushey Drops a Neutron Bomb on Nancy MacLean

MacLean delivers only part of the picture.
There is a fascinating review of the Nancy MacLean book, Democracy in Chains, by the former Hillary Clinton presidential campaign adviser, Heather Boushey, up at The New York Times.

Boushey is an out there lefty, so she reaches some pretty crazed conclusions in her review when she states that we now live in a James Buchanan free market world:
American democracy was unprepared to defend itself against the agenda of Buchanan and conservative benefactors. Buchanan may not have been the only actor in this movement, and the role of conservative donors and economists has been documented elsewhere, but we are now living in a world he helped shepherd into reality.
Does Boushey really think that with Obamacare the law of the land, foreign war adventurism and massive regulation, we have the small government world that Buchanan advocated?

That said, Boushey for most of her review pulls the actual facts that are contained in  Democracy in Chains and ignores all of the crazed unfounded conspiracy spinning that MacLean does in the book.

But make no mistake, Boushey understands MacLean does a lot of dishonest spinning. In the middle of her review, she drops this neutron bomb:
 Nevertheless, her overt moral revulsion at her subject can sometimes make it seem as if we’re getting only part of the picture.
There is nothing more devastating you can say about a supposed complete historical account than that "it seem[s] as if we’re getting only part of the picture."

Bam! That's how Boushey nuked MacLean.


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