Thursday, August 3, 2017

Koch Brothers Getting Behind Trump Tax "Reform" Effort to Make Taxes "Fairer"

The Koch brothers aren't even going to pretend they want lower taxes. They are promoting "simpler" and "fairer" taxes via tax reform.

 Koch brothers are kicking off a multi-million-dollar campaign this summer to rally public support for their tax reform agenda.

According to Politico, this campaign will include “advertising, canvassing and rallies in states where Americans for Prosperity (a political advocacy group funded by the Koch brothers) is active, in addition to lobbying lawmakers on Capitol Hill.”

The effort will include the Koch front group, Freedom Partners, which just put out this ad promoting "fairer" taxes.

I repeat one more time: We don't need fairer taxes, simpler taxes etc. We need tax cuts from the current structure. That the Koch brothers are in favor of the Trumpian tax reform shell game exposes how far they have come from advocates of shrinking government as a first principle.



  1. The only fair tax would be no tax.

  2. Republicans have become as fond of big, bloated, intrusive government as the Democrats are. Beaides, the uber wealthy, such as the Koch brothers and Warren Buffett, are not concerned with lowering tax rates because their effective tax rates are much much lower than those of us in the middle classes. They make very little of their wealth from ordinary income. Correct me if I am wrong, Robert.

  3. While I'm against all taxes, I note with some irony that those with great asset wealth are always virtue-signaling for higher income tax rates or broader income tax bases, but we never hear them arguing for wealth taxes.