Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Rand Paul Blasts Senate Colleagues Over Healthcare: 'They are just afraid'

New reports are emerging about the comments made by Senator Rand Paul during his speech at the Young Americans for Liberty national convention last week.

It appears he really let it rip. Concerning his fellow senators he said:
They have insufficient confidence in capitalism; insufficient confidence in freedom. They are just afraid that it might not work if we left people up to their own devices. They want to tell all of us what to do. They don't think you're smart enough to make decisions on your own.
"I was a physician for 20 years before Obamacare and I tell people healthcare sucked before Obamacare, and it sucked worse with Obamacare," Rand said. "And if we still have the federal government involved in whatever the solution is, it's going to suck even more."

Go Rand!



  1. ─ They [GOP Senators] have insufficient confidence in capitalism; insufficient confidence in freedom. ─

    It's not only them, Rand. Those who voted for the big orange oaf were swoon by his anti-trade and anti-immigrant positions which do not yell "I like capitalism" to me, but the contrary. We're now at a point where there is a clear battle line drawn between the forces of leftwing socialism (Marxians, socialists, the so-called Antifa) and rightwing socialists (Trumpistas) with only the few sane people ─libertarians─ caught in the middle, like the civilians of Alesia.

  2. Healthcare before Obamacare: finger shoved up your butt, at the DMV. After Obamacare: the IRS already has a lot of experience boning you back there. BOHICA.