Thursday, August 31, 2017

Rand Paul Issues Major Warning on Tax Reform!!

I didn't expect any new heroic essays in the near future from Senator Rand Paul after his recent magnificent op-ed, Rand Paul Lets It Rip: What is Our World Coming To? but he has topped that in less than 24 hours.

In a new essay at CNN, Senator Paul warns about the dangers of complex tax reform that will not "drain the swamp":
As Congress returns next week, attention will turn to matters of budget, spending and taxes. The tax reform package that legislators will take up will have major implications for years to come, and we should get it right.

Unlike health care, tax reform can be simple, but I'm afraid
those who are in charge will make it unnecessarily complicated, especially when coupled with an alarming timidity that could render the reform's impact nearly meaningless.

There is much talk from the wonks in Washington about the need to make tax cuts "revenue neutral," or offset elsewhere in the tax code. Let me tell you what that really means, and why it is a terrible idea, especially here in the "Swamp."

Revenue neutral ultimately means that someone pays more for someone else to pay less. It means tax "reform" without real tax cuts.

Let me ask you a serious question. If someone has to pay more for someone else to pay less -- which category do you think you and other Americans might fall into? I fear that tax reform that mandates revenue neutrality will result in those with the best lobbyists, lawyers and accountants being the winners, while most everyone else either gets nothing or largely loses out....
But he also advocates a sound solution that I have advocated:
We can be bold yet simple...[E]very American who pays taxes should get a tax cut. Every rate should be lowered by a percentage. What percentage? That's where we conservatives can negotiate with fence-sitters if necessary. I'd favor a large cut of at least 15% for every taxpayer. But the main and important thing is that everyone gets a tax cut.
Yes, forget the complex machinations where the swamp dwellers operate, just cut taxes FOR EVERYONE!

This is bold powerful thinking coming from the Senator. It cuts to the core of the big government problem, that big government takes from most of us and transfers our wealth and income to those close to the seat of power. It has been decades since we have had such clear thinking emanating from the Senate. This is the kind of sound statement that you would see from the best of the Founding Fathers.

Amidst my general pessimism, I see a strong bright ember of light.



  1. Better than nothing, but you'll forgive me for keeping the fireworks unlit and the confetti unthrown until he can courageously back up these ideas under pressure.

  2. Want us to pay less? End corporate taxes. All of them. We the consumers are the ones that pay it not them. They simply add the tax to the price of their products or services. End the death tax. This will help keep family farms in the family. Also, stop paying them not to grow shit.

  3. Candidate Trump talked about major tax reform, but President Trump seems to have ditched it.

  4. Is Rand for keeping the mortgage deduction?