Monday, August 28, 2017

STOCKMAN: "A Trade Policy Bloodletting is Now Coming to The Donald's Own Household"

David Stockman, the former Director of the Office of Management and Budget during part of the Reagan Administration, from 1981 to 1985, writes:
[I]f Trump moves ahead in this manner, it will eviscerate what is left of the GOP. The free traders and lap-dogs of the corporate PACs will come out in open revolt---even as the populist right is spurred on via what will be Trade War Fever emanating from Steve Bannon and the now revitalized alt-Right domiciled at Breitbart and its auxiliaries and fellow travelers In that context, the Trump presidency will face perhaps a fatal blow in what is certain to be a vicious campaign by these folks against the "White House Democrats" who will likely pull out the stops to thwart the Donald's raging determination to go ahead with a global trade war. By the latter, we mean "Javanka" (Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump) and their recruits from Goldman Sachs, Gary Cohn and Steve Mnuchin.
That is to say, a trade policy bloodletting is now coming to the Donald's own household.
Read his full comments here.

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  1. Trumpussolini is destroying the GOP almost as fast as the Dems are f*#%ing their own party for eternity.

    I honestly believe that the Libertarian party will have the best chance for an electoral victory it has ever had in 2020, especially if we can get Dwayne Johnson to run for Prez as a libertarian. Trump and Pelosi and McConnell and Obama and Clinton and McCain, etc. have destroyed the reputation of the welfare/warfare uniparty deceptively called Republicans and Democrats.