Monday, August 21, 2017

WOW, Paul Krugman on a 'Nation of Takers'

This is as rare as a total eclipse. Krugman writes truth on taxes and also handouts:
[T]he overall picture is that at the end of the Obama years taxation of the rich was pretty much back where it was pre-Reagan:
Menawhile, there were harsh cuts to some social programs — Clinton ended welfare as we knew it — but expansions of others. One simple metric: Medicaid enrollees as a percent of the nonelderly population, via the CDC:

I’m not saying that the “nation of takers” stuff, a vast population living off the dole and voting to tax their betters, is at all right. But it is true that a welfare state supported by progressive taxation has been much more robust than the year-by-year political narrative might lead you to think.

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  1. Saw the eclipse today here in South Carolina. Rare and wonderful, especially afterward, since it was something for everyone to talk about, and an experience everyone shared outside of the divisive political nonsense so prevalent these days. We could use more of that.