Friday, September 15, 2017

Another Day, Another Idiot Comment from Treasury Secretary Mnuchin; He Insults Flyover Country

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's latest FakeDenial of his attempt to live a Carly Simon moment with his trophy wife comes with a slap at Middle America.

Via Aaron Blake at the Washington Post:
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is wrapped up in a growing controversy over his use of a government plane to travel to Fort Knox during last month's solar eclipse and his request to use one for his European honeymoon this summer.

His comments Thursday about the jet travel aren't going to help put this
to bed.

"You know, people in Kentucky took this stuff very serious,” Mnuchin said of the eclipse at a conference hosted by Politico. “Being a New Yorker and [living for a time in] California, I was like, the eclipse? Really? I don’t have any interest in watching the eclipse.”

Mnuchin has denied that he used the government plane for the purpose of seeing the eclipse from Fort Knox with his wife; he said there was official government business at hand. So it's understandable that he would downplay his interest in the phenomenon. But it's hard to read his comments as anything but demeaning to the people of flyover country. Those people were interested in the natural phenomenon, he seemed to be saying, but as a metropolitan man who has lived on both coasts, it just wasn't that interesting to me.
For the record, here in metropolitan San Francisco, the streets were crowded with people viewing the eclipse. Including business executives outside the high-rent Transamerica building.


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  1. I never had a clue what this guy was like personality wise until I saw a video of him at a hearing. You can tell instantly he is a buffoon that is just outgoing enough to squirm his way out of (and probably into) anything.