Tuesday, September 19, 2017

HEROIC Rand Paul: I will Oppose Graham/Cassidy as I Did the Other Fake Repeal Obamacare Bills

Rand Paul writes:
No one wants to repeal ObamaCare more than I do.  As a career physician, there are few in Congress who have as much firsthand experience on all sides of the health care debate as I do.  I’ve voted for repeal.  I’ve sponsored my own Repeal and Replace plans.

But I’ve also led the fight to stop and block “ObamaCare Lite” plans offered in both houses of Congress this year.  These have been plans that have spent nearly as much money as ObamaCare, that left most of the taxes and regulations in place, and basically failed to honor our promise of repeal.

Unfortunately, they’re back again, and I must add to the list of ObamaCare Lite plans to oppose the new Graham/Cassidy bill that was introduced last week in the Senate.

In all ways, this bill is also ObamaCare Lite.  In no way is it repeal the way we promised.  I will oppose this bill as I did the other fake repeal bills, and I urge those who want repeal to do so, as well.

Make no mistake – Graham/Cassidy keeps ObamaCare funding and regulations in place.  Oh, it rearranges the furniture a bit, changes some names, and otherwise masks what is really going on – a redistribution of ObamaCare taxes and a new Republican entitlement program, funded nearly as extravagantly as ObamaCare.


  1. Great pic! He looks like a serious dude. He's really grown into the job. Like I've been saying, I'm liking him more all the time! Ron and Carol must be very proud.
    Still, it begs the question: What's wrong with the other 534 congressionals?

  2. Off topic:
    Hey Robert, I'm back in the USSR for a while with good internet. Do you have an archive of your Sunday chalk talks?

    1. Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6VFllW7dvne0SQZp3sGylQ

      Would love to have a report on what you are seeing in the land of Putin.

    2. Ooops, I'm now totally embarrassed. I MEANT to say the USSA. But I do have family in Russia. I'll see what's up at ground level.
      Thanks for the link!