Friday, September 1, 2017

Koch Brothers Tax Reform Rally a Bust

As Senator Rand Paul correctly wrote this week:
Unlike health care, tax reform can be simple, but I'm afraid
those who are in charge will make it unnecessarily complicated, especially when coupled with an alarming timidity that could render the reform's impact nearly meaningless.

There is much talk from the wonks in Washington about the need to make tax cuts "revenue neutral," or offset elsewhere in the tax code. Let me tell you what that really means, and why it is a terrible idea, especially here in the "Swamp."

Revenue neutral ultimately means that someone pays more for someone else to pay less. It means tax "reform" without real tax cuts.

 But the Koch brothers are all in favor of the phony tax reform.  They even attempted to launch a "grassroots" effort in support of the phony tax reform.

The Daily Kos explained how that turned out:
The Koch brothers-funded Americans for Prosperity Foundation, the conservative organization that might as well be called Greedy, Prosperous Americans for Themselves Foundation, hosted an astroturf rally in downtown Denver. The goal was to create the image of crowds of Coloradans screaming and shouting for tax reform. Whelp, despite nearly 3 million residents and the promise of free BBQ for attendees, it appears roughly two dozen residents turned out. No telling how many are the caterers and AFP staff.

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