Saturday, September 16, 2017

Krugman at Oligarch's Conference in Ukraine

Keynesian economist, New York Times columnist, and Democratic Party apparatchik, Paul Krugman, is in Kyiv for Victor Pinchuk’s 14th annual Yalta European Strategy conference.

In addition to
Krugman, John Kerry, Condoleezza Rice, Tony Blair, Newt Gingrich and CNN's  Fareed Zakaria are in attendance---to give you a sense of the establishment elitist crowd this meeting draws. Organizers expect 350 people to attend.

Krugman informs:
It is, by the way, a surprisingly handsome city. Just looking at the city center you’d have no idea how much stress Ukraine is under.
But no scoop from him on the plotting and schemes being hatched by this crony opportunist crowd.


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