Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Rand Paul's Important Comments on DACA

 Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.) on Tuesday called for bipartisan congressional collaboration to replace or fix the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals immigration (DACA) policy, shortly after the Trump administration announced its decision to end the program.

In a series of statesman like tweets, the Senator said that the Obama-era order "was illegal," but the overarching problem calls for a "bipartisan" solution.

Rand gets this right. Those who have grown up here should be allowed to stay and work.  Of course, the Welfare Wall that is part of DACA must also remain.



  1. Mental gymnastics from RW. The DREAMERS have a dream to receive welfare at the state level. They are not eligible for federal welfare programs Medicaid (emergency room is ok though) and Food Stamps. In NY, they qualify for all welfare benefits including medical care. They also qualify for EITC. Since most are low income workers, they are receiving $1000s from taxpayers. Quit subsidizing illegal foreigners and their low wage employers!

    1. Re: Stuffed Pimento,

      --- The DREAMERS have a dream to receive welfare at the state level. ---

      So you read minds, en masse. What other tricks can you perform? Cards? Cabinet of death?

    2. I predict...I predict...Congress brings us mandatory E-Verify and allows DREAMERS to stay. Trump signs the bill and in trade gets funding for the WALL. Real honest to goodness liberty loving Americans get the screws twice. The State expands its power. The masses cheer.

      But my previous comment is more of a hunch based on the numbers. The DREAMERS live primarily in states where they can receive state-level welfare. -- by the numbers states with 20,000+ DREAMERS high to low - California, Texas, Illinois (why did the Mexicans go way up there?), New York, Florida (the only state with 20,000+ DREAMERS that doesn't offer welfare to illegals; note nearly 50% more illegals in Illinois than Florida even though FL has 8 million more residents than IL), Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, New Jersey, Colorado, Washington (really?), Nevada, Virginia, Oregon.

      From this list I extrapolate that either Mexicans (99% of DREAMERS come from Mexico) love the cold climate or they're subsidizing their livelihoods with welfare benefits. Either way, I hope they're all sent packing. They can sell their winter coats to fund the trip back home.

      By all means, come back legally and assimilate into society. The nation thanks you. Or, stay illegally and receive amnesty because feelz. The state thanks you.

  2. Citizens receive welfare too. Shouldn't they be expelled? Why is welfare forcibly extracted from some citizens and paid to others more legitimate than welfare forcibly extracted from some citizens and paid to non-citizens? As a matter of justice, isn't the wrong the forcible extraction, not the identity of the recipient?

    1. "But the natives all paid into the... no"
      "But we signed a social contra... no"
      "But the native poor probably grew up in a worse situa... no"
      "But they'll just send the money overseas to their starving fami... DAMN IT I forgot I'm not a Keynesian!"
      "But two wrongs don't make a ri... no"

  3. I'd say both are wrong. But in today's environment we'd do well to at least deny welfare to people breaking the law. And if we are to advocate for easy movement over borders we should not be so foolish as to grant public benefits to illegals, undocumented visitors.

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