Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Reserve Private Bathrooms Across NYC with a New App

File under: I love entrepreneurship.

Heroic, skip the government "cleaned" filthy public bathrooms at Penn Station and Grand Central Station.

Timeout reports:
We've all been there: You're hustling across Manhattan going about your day and, out of nowhere, you feel like you're going to pee your pants. Sure, popping into a Starbucks, buying a drink and haggling for the bathroom code is one remedy to the situation, but if you've gotta go, those precious minutes could be the difference between the sweet relief of a toilet and a set of moist trousers.
But a new app aims to solve this dilemma one bathroom at a time. Called Rockaloo, the service allows users to purchase a pass to bathrooms at private businesses across New York City without waiting in line. After launching in August, it now partners with 130 businesses in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, with many more on the way. The app provides a map of nearby bathrooms, and users can purchase a pass to use access them at prices ranging from 99 cents to $8.99. After purchasing, you have an hour to walk into the business' bathroom, flash the pass on the app and relieve yourself in peace. 

(ht Marginal Revolution)