Tuesday, September 19, 2017

THIS IS HOW IT IS DONE: Macron to Bring French Government Spending to Lowest in 10 Years---and Cut Taxes

President Donald Trump needs to take some economic policy lessons from President Emmanuel
Macron instead of ogling French military parades.

Macron's administration plans to cut French public spending to its lowest level since the start of the financial crisis next year and squeeze
 the tax take to its lowest since 2010 as part of a strategy to remake the economy and revive the nation’s standing in Europe.

France has a huge public expenditure side (57% of GDP), and this will be a small trim  (to an eventual 50%), but this is the direction government spending and taxation should move in rather than Trump's phony tax reform and no focus on net government spending at all.



  1. If he pulls this off he should be applauded in at least attempting to turn the tide of socialism

  2. 57%?!?! Holy crap! I might have guessed something stupid high, like 30-40%.