Wednesday, October 25, 2017

BREAKING Gary Cohn Out of Consideration to Head the Fed

President Donald Trump does not intend to appoint National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn to lead the Federal Reserve, three people familiar with the matter said, Bloomberg News reports.

Trump said in at least one private meeting last week that Cohn has no chance of being Fed chair, according to a person present for the remark.

This shouldn't come as a major surprise. Cohn chances nosedived after he failed to back Trump on his Charlottesville comments.

The top candidates appear to be John Taylor, Jerome Powell and possibly Kevin Warsh.

Trump is expected to name his choice to run the Fed before November 3.

With Cohn out of the race, Powell should now be considered the preferred choice of Goldman Sachs.



(via Bloomberg)

Cohn is likely to leave the White House soon after Congress disposes with the tax plan, two people said.

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  1. Don't you get the feeling sometimes that Goldman Sachs is the Anti-Christ?