Thursday, October 12, 2017

HOT BREAKING BOMBSHELL: Trump Kills Payments to Health Insurers

This is a stunning move by the President in the direction of less government involvement in the healthcare system.

CNBC puts it this way:
The Trump administration will stop making critically important payments to insurers who sell Obamacare health plans, a bombshell move.
The move comes just hours after President Trump signed an Executive Order that will allow individuals to form Health Associations and purchase insurance across state lines.

The payments, worth $7 billion or so to insurers this year and up to $10 billion or more next year, reimbursed insurers for discounts on certain health costs.

This is most certainly the hand of Rand Paul guiding the President.

Subsidy advocates are already decrying the Trump move and charge that it will raise premiums. However, if the move comes with the shrinkage of insurance coverage particulars mandated by Obamacare, it will most assuredly lower premiums, especially with insurance coverage now open across state lines.



Is this just a Trump con?

Some reports now indicate he would support a bipartisan deal to keep the payments flowing.

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  1. Saying he would support a bipartisan deal takes some heat off him and puts it on Congress instead.