Friday, October 13, 2017

How to Always Get Additional Discounts When You Shop Online

Okay, this is my one and only consumer tip for 2017.

This works for almost all major shopping sites except Ebay (and it is complicated with Amazon) and it also works for subscriptions at major online sites.

When you are shopping online, put anything you want to buy into the website's shopping cart. Then
fill out all that is required to make a purchase, especially make sure you leave your email address. Then, just before hitting the BUY button, leave the site.

The site is programmed to recognize that you have a shopping cart with goods and that you were very close to buying.

It will send you a reminder email within 24 hours or less that you have items in the cart. Ignore this email. Within the next 24 to 48 hours or less, you will receive a discount coupon for the items in your shopping cart, usually between 20% to 30%.

I used this technique recently when buying some jeans.

This is the first email I received a few hours after leaving my cart filled:

About 10 hours later, I received this:

Now, in the above case, I received a super bonus. Because when I returned to the site the jeans were on sale for a reduction of 30% but the coupon Levi's sent me for the additional 20% also worked.

I have used this technique across the board for high-end luxury goods to jeans. I haven't found a major retailer where it hasn't worked. And with some subscriptions, wait them out a week for 3 to 4 emails and you might end up with discounts of up to 70%.



  1. Thanks for the tip Bobby. I just tried this at Harbor Freight with a cordless drill. I'll report back if it works as advertised.

    1. It doesn't work at HarborFreight nor Home Depot.

    2. It worked for me at I got a 30% discount on a $420 painting.
      Thank you Mr. Wenzel!

  2. I use this strategy often. Received a coupon code on Tuesday from within 15 minutes of leaving the order page, and featured items in the email included and/or complemented what I had planned to buy.

    I also recommend using Ebates or similar cash back program. Can often save another 2-10%+.

  3. I just tried this at Orvis. I've been in the market for a Barbour coat for a long time. Just have not wanted to pay full retail.

  4. Going to try this for the EPJ daily alert :)