Sunday, October 29, 2017

TRUMP ADMINISTRATION CRONYISM: This is the "Headquarters" of a Company That Got a $300 Million Dollar No Bid Contract

If you can gain influence at the center of power, the good times will roll.

The center of power, that is government influence over the economy, must be shrunk and then shrunk again.




Via The Washington Post:
Puerto Rico's utility cancels controversial $300 million contract with Montana firm hired to repair electrical grid.

The announcement by the territory's state-owned utility came hours after Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello called for the contract with Whitefish Energy to be canceled.

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  1. Who had the authority to sign the contract? If the governor did not sign the contract, who did? Let us see the contract and the signatures. FEMA says it did not sign nor approved.
    It may not be a Trump related cronyism but a Puerto Rico more of the same corruption.