Thursday, October 26, 2017

Trump's Anti-Trade Adviser Won't Be Travelling With Trump on His Asia Trip

Politico reports:
[Trump trade adviser Peter] Navarro, according to two administration officials and two outside advisers to the president, isn’t currently slated to go on the trip. Navarro’s grounding has incensed
the president’s conservative allies, who see him as one of the last remaining China hawks in the White House and one of the administration’s fiercest China critics.
This is a positive sign. Navvaro holds crazed anti-trade positions and is particularly anti-China.

But there is this from Politico:
Navarro, the author of the book “Death by China,” has long clashed with Trump’s more moderate advisers over trade policy, while remaining a favorite whom the president often refers to as “my Peter.” In a move that many saw as an attempt to diminish Navarro’s influence, Kelly recently folded his trade office into the National Economic Council, where he now reports to NEC Director Gary Cohn.

Other White House officials and Trump advisers said the president may still reverse efforts to block Navarro from joining the Asia tour once he finds out the favored aide has been kept off the trip. Trump demanded that Navarro join him for his April meeting with Xi at Mar-a-Lago, for instance, despite other aides’ efforts to exclude the trade adviser. And the president called Navarro into a recent meeting in the Oval Office when he realized he wasn’t there, according to two outside advisers who were briefed on the issue.

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