Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Billionaire Gives Chicago School Monetarists $125 Million

Billionaire money manager Ken Griffin is donating $125 million to the University of Chicago's Department of Economics.

The university announced Griffin's gift Wednesday, saying it's the second-largest in school history and brings his personal donations to the school to nearly $150 million, reports CNBC.

U of C is the home of Chicago school monetarists and government technocrats. The economists in this department just love to come up with technical schemes to "manage" the "failures" they see in free markets. In short, they are central plannings tinkerers.

And it should not be forgotten that it was professors in the department who blocked the more free market-leaning F. A. Hayek from gaining a position in the department.

It is sad to see the money go in this direction.

One hopes that there is a billionaire out there that could write such a check to support the Austrian school of economics. Hell, a check for even a million dollars would help. But it should be spread over a few schools and institutions, not just one.

Email me if you are ready to write some serious checks.


(ht Walter Block)


  1. Since the market does not fail, there is no need for "monetary policy" or a central bank. If anyone ever implies, suggests or states that the market does fail, we should be on them and in their face like Antifa but without the violence.