Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Mulvaney Orders 30-Day Hiring Freeze at CFPB; Captures Web Site

While a battle wages over who exactly is running the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (SEE: Early Morning Madness at the CFPB: Two Bosses Show Up), it appears that Mick Mulvaney, who Trump named as acting director of the CFPB following the resignation last week Friday of Richard Cordray, has gained control of the agency's website.

It lists him as acting director and the woman claiming to be acting director, Leandra English, is listed as deputy director.  English should be considered as the leader of the "Pocahatinas" faction who are seeking to maintain control of the agency. She would run the agency in line with the goals of Elizabeth Warren, who is responsible for the creation of the CFPB.  It would remain anti-banker.

She was named acting director by the outgoing Cordray.

But here is the big news, Mulvaney said Monday that he's implementing a 30-day freeze on hiring and rule-making at the agency. A good start.

He also told staff to "disregard any instructions from English."

She has filed a lawsuit claiming the acting directorship is legally hers.

The bad news is that Trump doesn't seem to want to shut it down, which is what should happen. Thus, it will likely end up under the influence of the banksters who swarm around Trump.That is a shift in the direction of government intervention, not the elimination of it.:


A judge has ruled that Trump's choice, Mick Mulvaney, should lead the CFPB and not Leandra English.

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