Friday, November 17, 2017

Red States May Suffer Blowback From Elimination of Local and State Tax Deductibility Designed to Hurt Blue States

As has been detailed here ad infinitum at EPJ, one provision of Trump tax "reform" calls for the elimination of tax deductibility of state and local taxes against Federal incomes.

I have also pointed out that
the elimination of the deductibility, which would mostly affect Blue states, is unlikely to result in a lowering of state and local taxes since those benefitting from the taxes are far greater than those who will suffer from the eliminated tax deduction. Thus, politicians will cater to the larger group of takers over those taken from.

This still hasn't seemed to sway Red state residents commenting here at EPJ, who really want to stick it to Blue staters. They have suggested that such taxed Blue state residents should just move.

Well, good news for Red staters, as the burdens of the Blue states become ever more oppressive, Blue state residents are taking their wacko ideas and moving to Red states.

I'm told, for example, that the greater Denver, Colorado region is getting more wacko every day as more and more California residents move to the area. And I am told that high taxes and the high minimum wages in Blue state territories are driving white trash into parts of Idaho.

So eliminate the SALT deduction, Redstaters, and put the Welcome! signs out for even more wacko lefties that you will be driving out of Blue state country. The lefty wackos, who are all interventionists and activist on steroids, will soon be bringing all the wacko demands to your state--and they are superior at getting white trash, urban primitives and the generally confused to demand newly promoted "rights" and getting these people to the voting booths.



  1. Moral of the story: One cheers for the boot for others, the boot will always come back right onto you.

    It doesnt matter if your a racist screaming, free market hating, anti-war fraudulent, Hollywood worshiping, virtue signaling left-socialist liberal or a badged orc worshiping, 4Chan posting, warmongering, cuck screaming, economic safe-space wanting, right-socialist conservative or altrighter the boot will always in karmic fashion stomp on you.

  2. California's recreational pot law is supposed to go into effect 01/01/18. Maybe that will slow down the wacko's moving to Colorado (Colorado legalized weed in 2014). Less reason to move and you know how mary jane can diminish motivation. "Dude, I'm sooo stoned".

  3. RE wrote: "
    And I am told that high taxes and the high minimum wages in Red state territories are driving white trash into parts of Idaho."

    I am confused. Idaho is a red state. So you are saying these policies are driving white trash from one red state to another red state?

    1. Corrected, it should read Blue states. They are moving from Cali and Seattle to Idaho.

  4. Also RW, my understanding is that red states are often net tax eaters not producers. For example, Virginia used to be reliably red, but now bluish-purple. Due Fed gov't infusions it receives over $1.50 for every $1.00 in Fed Taxes it sends to the septic tank on the Potomac. And most of that infusion was military. I think the change was already happening in VA.

  5. Don't forget to that the open borders wackos are a problem to. We need to kick out immigrants from non-Western countries or keep them to a bare minimum. It's bad enough we have too many stupid whites who hold liberal views.

    This is why Democrats want more non-white trash to be legalized. I could not find it, but had posted how many Asians and other non-whites love leftism.

    You libertarian retards better pull your head out of your butt and fast.

    1. Only Marxist trash, like yourself, believe that property is communal. I believe a property owner can contract with whomever they damn well please, and that includes people that look differently.

      Go take your Marxist swill elsewhere.

    2. How am I a Marxist? These cultures are trash when it comes to endorsing limited government views. Congratulations on helping with the further destruction of Western civilization. You are another fool that needs to be physically removed from this society along with the above mentioned suspect.

  6. Reminds me of what I heard in Tulsa about the Dust Bowl migrations. Seems a lot of poor whites left Oklahoma for California, raising the average i.q. of both states.